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A letter from my 28-year-old self


Back in December 2012 I participated in Susannah Conway’s Unravelling The Year Ahead: 2013 planning guide. It has been one of the most self-reflective and introspective things I’ve done and I highly recommend her blog as a source for all things inspiring. I have made a point to re-read my planning guide at the beginning of each month (missed January – oops!) in order to keep myself in check regarding the goals I planned for 2013. In the guide, at the end, you are prompted to write a letter to yourself. The catch is, you have to write the letter as if you are three years older than you are right now. For me, that meant writing to myself at 25 from the (potential) perspective of my 28-year-old self. An interesting activity indeed, one that I encourage you to do at some point. As I re-read my letter to myself, I felt compelled to share it with you.

Prompt: Imagine you are sitting in a cafe. Across the table from you – looking utterly fabulous – is your future self from December 2015. She has three years’ worth of wisdom to share with you – what does she say? What does she tell you to let go of? What does she tell you to pay attention to… to believe in… to trust?

Dear Sarah,

As you can see, it’s quite possible to be 28, still look great and not be freaking out that we are turning 29 next year. Okay, maybe freaking out only a little. I know in so many ways you are bright-eyed about the future and what it could hold for you. Since I also know how futuristic you have a tendency to be, I commend you for not projecting too much. As you would assume (and I can vouch for this), the next three years are so spectacular you could have never dreamed it. You know that feeling we get when we’re so excited to for someone to see how a favorite show/book of ours unfolds? Well, I feel a lot like that right now. There’s so much I want to tell you, but I can’t bear to spoil the happiness that lies ahead of you.

At this point in your life – at 25 – you have a new appreciation for everything it seems. I want you to work hard to not lose that. Stay true to your heart (as you have learned the hard way to do), and believe me when I say this: keep moving forward, even if you’re not sure where exactly you are headed. It will become clearer, I pinky swear. Also, do not be afraid when it comes to yours and Shelton’s relationship. I know that your love for him feels so strong it would surely break you if you lost it. This fear simply means you are living. You are putting yourself out there and I am proud of you. Be proud of yourself.

I know you fear loss (of any kind) because you have inflicted loss on others. Do not think of it this way. Liberation comes in all shapes and forms and the Universe is not keeping score like you think it is. You have nothing to fear, Sarah. Believe in the magic you know you feel. A heart that has even one ounce of fear in it will never truly thrive.

I really do wish I could tell you more details. I know you have oh-so many questions, as a lot can happen in three years, but I will leave you with this thought: you are meant for greatness and you do have a purpose. Keep challenging yourself, pushing yourself, and remaining open to every single opportunity that comes your way. I love you more than words could ever say, and again, I am so proud of you. See you in three years.

-Sarah (age 28)

Heavy stuff.

-Sarah (age 25)

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  1. Wow I dont even know what I would write! How eloquently you have written your letter…that will be neat to re-read when you are 28! :)

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