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And just like that, I’m 26.

Breakfast: Mimosas and a cupcake, naturally.

Breakfast: Mimosas and a cupcake, naturally.

You guys (well, mostly gals), my 26th b-day is oh-ficially oh-ver and I just had to write a post about where I “am” lately. It’s been a while, I know. Remember when I got all introspective a while back about how I had no idea what this site is about or my vision for it? Well, yeah. It’s safe to say that I am still figuring that out. But instead of beating a dead horse, I’ve been doing something different lately — I’ve been letting things happen, and then (creatively) doing what I feel like doing.

It’s not been a totally easy process, especially since I’m all “let’s make a list!” about just about everything I tackle in my life. But taking a break from the blogging/DIY measuring stick/fame-as-a-validator rat race has been awesome. And therapeutic. For the first time I feel like I have been living my life instead of planning it. I still avidly document things on Instagram (my fave social network) and scrapbook, but lately, it’s been more important to me to spend my free time as I want to, instead of creating more chores for myself. Ah, I could tell you so much, but I won’t drone on. The past few months have been great. And mind-blowingly busy. But great.

So. I am 26. And I am having one of those oh-my-god-I-could-have-never-anticipated-I’d-be-HERE-at-age-26 kind of feelings. 25 felt like a milestone. 26 is transitional. I dig it. In celebration of my birthday, here are 26 Random Facts about myself.

1. I like old man drinks. Give me a gin and tonic over a pina colada any freaking day of the week.

2. Playing video games stress me out (even Super Mario Brothers). I prefer to watch. #voyeurism

3. My day job has taught me that I am smart, different, and capable of things I never thought I was.

4. On my concert bucket list: Matchbox 20, Train, Goo Goo Dolls, Adele, Coldplay, The Eagles, and, of course, Backstreet Boys. And Britney.

5. I almost got to cross two bands off that list (Matchbox 20 and Train), but that concert was scheduled for the eve of September 11, 2001, and the concert was postponed indefinitely.

6. When I’m sitting at work responding to email and putting out fires, I find myself daydreaming about being a mom, and having a little boy or girl to come home to at the end of each day.

7. I’ll never stop learning about myself.

8. Things I know for sure: 1) For many years you’ll anticipate your life being derailed by outside forces, but nothing will derail you more than you will. If you survive that, you can survive anything. 2) You can’t change how you feel if it comes from your heart. 3) Being confused and frustrated is better than being numb. Never give up.

9. I believe that everyone is creative. If you tell me that you “aren’t” I will not believe you.

10. I want to drive all the way across the county. North Carolina to California. And stop at every single diner along the way.

11. After (roughly) two decades of capitalizing on my creativity, I have finally learned that being creative makes me feel empowered, and that is a feeling I’m chasing lately.

12. If you don’t want hear me talk endlessly and without pause, don’t ask me this one question: “What’s your favorite TV show?” I literally, won’t shut up.

13. That Google commercial about the kid who’s honing his public speaking skills… makes me cry. So, I can go from “Luke on Modern Family is such a doofus!” to “AHHHHHHHHHHHH I want a nerdy child like NOW to love!!!!!!!” I wish it was a more complicated transition with more steps, but it isn’t.

14. I fantasize about writing a series of books set in East Texas that then become a popular television series with incredible soundtracks.

15. I know I have reached a new level in life when I get my rocks off to decorating.

16. The relationship I am most proud of in my life is my friendship with my childhood BFF, Kelsey. I don’t know if she knows this or not, but, she was the relationship worth fighting for. I think that statement will only make sense to her, and I know she’ll read it, even though I don’t have to tell her to. You really are my best friend, forever.

17. When I was 17, I couldn’t conceive the idea of being 26. When I was 21, just five years ago, I assumed I would have children (plural) by the time I was 26. Being surprised by your own life is the best feeling.

18. My dream house is ranch-style, mid-century modern, open concept, and with a big porch.

19. I learned recently that I really, really, really like sushi. And I eat it all the freaking time now.

20. I’ll never stop sharing my life experiences. This blog (and myself) will evolve, but that simple desire will not. Pinky swear.

21. I don’t know how to say goodbye to Walter White tomorrow. It’s the same feeling I had before finishing Book 7.

22. I think I’d like to work in advertising again, but for a small boutique agency that does all kinds of creative projects.

23. I am all about Katy Perry these days. I am so ready for her album to come out in October!

24. Shelton got me a Silhouette Cameo for my birthday and now I want to vinyl our whole life. I am so not kidding right now.

25. I love living in a state that actually has seasons.

26. I am so very happy.


There ya have it! Here’s to another wonder journey around the Sun :)


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  1. I was SO excited to see that you had posted, and then I read #16. Now, my mascara is clumpy, and I look like Rudolph. Thanks. I know what you mean, you didn’t have to tell me too, and that is what makes us…us. Love you always, and that’s the truth.

    PS- Can I be a leading character in the book series on East Texas? You shall be receiving my character name request soon…

  2. Happy Birthday Sarah! love your 26 thoughts

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