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In Which a BBQ Sandwich Changes My Life

I thought that you deserved a proverbial feast for your eyes today. Just because.

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Iced Hazelnut Macchiato | Fresh Watermelon Margaritas | Maharaja Chai Oolong Tea

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The absolute BEST pulled pork barbecue sandwich I have ever tasted, from B’s Barbecue.

People ’round these parts claim it’s the best barbecue in the state, and I believe them. North Carolina style barbecue is incredibly different than what I was used to in Texas, but wow, I’m serious. This sandwich pretty much changed my life. I literally want to take everyone here that claims Texas barbecue is the best, because I’m willing to bet I could make a believer out of you.

And plus, who doesn’t want to drive to the middle of nowhere, stand in line in a shack with no air conditioning, order from a menu with five things on it and then pay with cash only? Bonus: there are picnic tables outside and the place is packed. Daily. They cook one pig a day and when the pig is gone, they close. It’s so homegrown – I love it.

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In case you didn’t know, North Carolina is known for it’s vinegar-based sauces, as opposed to in Texas (and other states) where it’s all about the tomato-based sauces. DO NOT GET ME WRONG: I love me some fresh, thick, rich, tomato-y Texas sauces. Which is why I was shocked when I instantly fell in love with the vinegar-based sauces here in North Carolina. The taste feels impossible to explain. The flavors are sharp, spicy, clean, and make my mouth salivate in a whole new way. I guess because there is no heavy flavor (like tomato), the other ingredients REALLY come through.

When I took a bite of that sandwich, sitting at that old picnic table in the shade, literally on the side of the road, with a sweet tea within reach and the sun shining, I knew I was experiencing a moment I’ll never have anywhere else on this Earth. It was specific to Greenville, specific to North Carolina, specific to this journey I am on. I’ll will remember it for years to come and think, “Damn that was good. All of it.

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I feel like I should totally be a guest on The Best Thing I Ever Ate: BBQ Edition.

What’s the best thing YOU’VE ever ate?

Rave on,


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  1. Insun always raves about the food in North Carolina and how it’s the best of the best. I hope you will get the chance to eat tasty things all the time!

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