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One Lovely Blog + Liebster Award Nomination

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Sharing the love. Heart pin from bando.

I recently have been lucky enough to be nominated for a couple blog awards, One Lovely Blog Award by the always lovely Janey Lambert and the Liebster Blog Award by a new bloggy friend (and fellow SITS-ah), Cluttered Genius. Since I am lazy, and the nomination “requirements” are similar, I’m going to pull a Janey and combine the two. I don’t know who ever actually wins these different blog awards, but I think they’re a great way to connect with people and increase your network. So, here it goes!

Side note: If you’re a blogger and looking for new people to connect with, I recommend all these ladies!

One Lovely Blog Award + Liebster Award

One Lovely Blog Award, Step 1:  Thank the person who gave you this award.

Janey, you hold a special place in my blogging heart. I feel so lucky that we were paired together in a CD swap a couple years ago, because I’ve enjoyed your posts and tweets ever since. Thank you so much for nominating me – I know it comes from your blogging heart as well, and that is why it feels so lovely. (See what I did there?)

One Lovely Blog Award, Step 2: Share seven things about yourself.

  • Listening to voice mails make me nervous.
  • When Harry Potter ended in 2007, it was hard for me to read new things because nothing was as good.
  • Nothing makes me happier than a brand new sketchbook.
  • When I was little I had a pet calf named Clarice that I would feed with a massive bottle.
  • I’ve never been happier in life than I am right now.
  • I somehow wear the color pink everyday.
  • Being wrapped up in a project makes my heart sing.

Liebster Award, Step 1: Tell eleven things about yourself.

  • If I could live in the world of Mad Men, I would.
  • I will never-ever-ever turn down Panera. Ever.
  • It’s a little sad just.how.excited I get about snail mail. (And no more delivery on Saturday? What is the world coming to?)
  • I’ve probably had one too many if I start asking where the nearest What-A-Burger is.
  • Nothing feels more perfect to me than a quiet evening at home.
  • I’m totally addicted to those gypsies on TLC.
  • I love trying new restaurants!
  • When it comes to crafting, I consider myself a Jane-of-all-trades. Maybe one day I’ll master something.
  • I need to go to Europe. Soon.
  • If we go to brunch, I prefer my eggs over easy. Unless Eggs Benedict is on the menu. Then all bets are off.
  • Overcast days are my favorite.

Liebster Award, Step 2: Answer the eleven questions specified by your nominator.

  • Who do you look up to most? Why? That is a tough question! I look up to my mom and Shelton the most.
  • Do you watch reality shows? If you do, which is your favorite? If you don’t, why? Anything on TLC. Anything.
  • What is your favorite book of all time? Impossible to answer.
  • Favorite band of all time? Aerosmith!
  • If you had to pick a song that best described you, what would it be? The Pretender by Jackson Browne (one of many).
  • What is your biggest fear? That I will lose someone close to me.
  • Night owl or early bird? I can swing both ways.
  • If you’re willing to share, what’s your most embarrassing moment? I was walking to my very first college class and slipped and fell. It was raining and my white bermuda shorts were completely covered with mud. I still had to go to class though, and I felt so embarrassed because I smelled like a wet dog.
  • Cats or dogs? Dogs.
  • When you have nothing else to do, what do you find yourself doing? Writing. Aimlessly.
  • What’s a talent you wish you had? I wish I could sing.

Liebster Award, Step 3: Ask eleven questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer.

  • What’s a smell that takes you back to childhood?
  • The mountains, or the sea?
  • Do you ever meditate?
  • What’s one electronic you can’t live without?
  • Do you have a personal motto?
  • How many states have you been to?
  • What’s your favorite dessert?
  • What is a movie that always makes you laugh?
  • Do you believe that you’re creative?
  • Do you have a favorite season?
  • What’s your dream?

One Lovely Blog Award, Step 3. Pass the award on to 15 other bloggers:

Liebster Award, Step 4. Nominate eleven bloggers:

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  1. You’re well deserved of all the blog awards in the world Sarah, because you’re awesome! Every post you write inspires me in some way :)

    Thank you for your very kind words! x

  2. Well goodness gracious, glad I stopped by today! Thanks for the One Lovely Blog Award. Some reason although I subscribed to your newsletter, I have not gotten it yet. And today was the first FB post I’d seen from you in awhile…ugh, facebook and their weird settings. I enjoyed reading your post and getting to know you better! I love that you are happiest than you’ve ever been and that you somehow wear pink everyday. Love the new design too!

  3. Why, thank you so much! I love this. I will definitely participate and pass along. :) I love Aerosmith and dogs, too. :)

  4. Thanks so much Sarah! I always enjoy reading your lovely blog and very much appreciate the One Lovely Blog Award! I, like you, might have to take the ‘lazy’ route and kill two birds with one stone, I never quite know what to say about myself! :) Thank you for thinking of me and go YOU for being such a happy person… even on overcast days! What!??! I hate overcast days!

  5. This is great! Thanks for the nomination. I’ll get to work on this asap.

  6. Thank you so much for sending this my way! How kind! I would never turn down Panera either. Yummo!

  7. What a super fun way to get to know you! I’m totally intrigued by your wearing pink, in some way, every day. I’m imagining all the ways that’s possible . . .

    Thank you so much for thinking in my direction. :)

  8. Aww thanks so much! That’s so sweet of you! x

  9. I TOTALLY understand Harry Potter umm still nothing is as good. I seriously compare everything I read to Harry Potter even if it is totally not the same genre. lol I have a hard time letting go obviously!

  10. I am so glad you are blogging again, Sarah! Loving the blog. I just need to catch up!! I am so behind in my blog reading!

  11. I tend to be a bit of a Jane-of-all trades when it comes to crafting too – although these days my crafting time seems to be taken up blogging!! Thanks so much for the nomination!!! Hope you are having a lovely week!

    Aanika X

  12. Thank you so much Sarah! I still need to get on my post!

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