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Care Package for Candace


My good friend Candace got engaged over the summer and a while back I sent her a little wedding planning/engagement celebration care package. I love receiving care packages almost as much as I love sending them. Candace truly is a kindred spirit and I’m so happy for her and her fiance Dylan. We met in college through a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend {no joke} and shared lots of pancakes together, and fell out of touch, and then accidentally wound up living next door to each other {in the suburbs of all places}, and then fell out of touch again, and then almost a whole year ago she found my blog, read my about page, and sent me an email. And we’ve been talking ever since.

I say she’s a kindred spirit because our journey’s are similar. We both fell in love and then followed our hearts across the county. I wound up in North Carolina, she in Florida. Dylan is in the military. Our emails are filled with life updates, wanderings, and some truly funny stories. {Candace really makes me laugh.} Dylan recently got re-assigned to California and I haven’t even told you the best part yet: next spring after his training ends they are planning to move to North Carolina and get MARRIED! I’m excited. To say the least.


In one of our last emails, Candace said that they were having trouble planning a North Carolina wedding in California. Imagine that! So being that I have access to all North Carolina wedding magazines, I decided to hook the future Mrs. Montambo UP. And I even pulled out my foil stamping machine to make her some thank you cards. It turned out to be the sweetest care package I’ve put together in a long time!

I’ll just about anything for a kindred spirit. Congrats, Dylan and Candace :)


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  1. Oh what a cute and thoughtful idea!! You are so creative!

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