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DIY: Personalized Bookplate

If you’re like me – you’ll do whatever it takes to make a seemingly-ordinary gift unforgettable and special. In this post I talked about a wedding gift I recently gave to a good friend of mine that included a cookbook (Dinner: A Love Story by Jenny Rosenstach). To make the cookbook a little bit more unique, I created a bookplate using some clear Avery labels I had in my craft stash and Illustrator. The step-by-step DIY is below!

Before you get started, you’ll need the following things:

1. Mailing labels — Whatever size you like. I recommend Avery labels because they have an extensive library of templates online.

2. Specific fonts — Not required, but you can download a ton of great fonts from dafont.com for personal use for free.

3. Vector images — Also not required, but can be used to jazz up any design. Whatever clip art you’re interested in featuring, perform a Google search and see what comes up. For instance, I searched for “swashes free vector” and got a lot of feedback. The swashes I used can be found here. Freepik.com is an excellent resource for vector files.

Note: this tutorial is if you’re creating one (1) bookplate. If you are interested in creating multiple sheets of the same bookplate information, you may want to skim over these initial steps and skip down to the bottom where I prompt you to search for and download the Adobe Illustrator file version of your mailing label template. Then you can design your bookplate as you see fit and copy/paste the design as needed.

STEP ONE: Once you have your mailing labels, vector files downloaded and fonts installed, fire up Illustrator and create a new document. Set the width and height to the mailing label size and make sure to set the document profile to “print.”

book plate 1

STEP TWO: Add your vector file, if you have one. Adjust it to your liking. (For instance, this swash design was initially black. I thought grey was a bit more fitting.)

book plate 2

book plate 3

book plate 4

STEP THREE: Add in your text. Play around as necessary.

book plate 5

book plate 6

Ta-da, final product.

book plate 7

STEP FOUR: Google search for a Adobe Illustrator template for your specific mailing label. Open it alongside your finished bookplate.

Note: This is what I recommend Avery – they have templates for all Adobe programs. If you try to save the image as a .jpeg or .png and copy/paste into a Microsoft Word template of your mailing labels you will be sorely disappointed with the clarity of the text/images. Speaking from experience on this one, so take my word for it.

STEP FIVE: Copy/Paste your items from the original Illustrator file to the Illustrator template, as many times as you want. I only needed one, which is why only one copy of the bookplate is visible below in the print preview window. Print and adjust spacing as necessary. Stick on the inside of your book and BOOM! Done-zo.

book plate 10

Pretty snazzy, huh?


I don’t think I’ll ever give a book as a gift the same way again.


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  1. That’s such a cute idea! Love the font you used too.

  2. Seeing as I was the recipient of said gift above :) I would have to say that though the cookbook was great, having it personalized made it all the more special. It will definitely be something I keep forever. Little touches like this really do make all the difference in the world.

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