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Finished Project Gallery: Felt Edition

I know we’ve all been packing up ornaments and holiday decor, and probably don’t want to think about peppermint or wrapping paper for another eleven months or so… but in the name of Crafting I must share these photos with you, because I a firm believer that all finished projects should be celebrated in some small way. This past Christmas I dove headfirst into embroidery and hand-stitching and fell in love with this craft! I have more projects in the works and hope to share a DIY with you soon. Until then, here are some photos of recently finished projects… {product links below}

circular stockings progress

My personal crafting mantra? It’s a mess until it’s complete.


Finished ornament, along with a lovely pearl bracelet. I took this photo for one of my clients – a local jewelry store.

circular stockingsshelton stocking progress

The final set of circular ornaments, as well as the beginning stages of Shelton’s stocking.


After completing the first round of ornaments, I decided to get fancy and create my own designs from scratch. I made these for a friend who is getting married in February and was quite smitten with them.

shelton stockingphoto (52)

Our finished stockings! I finished mine on the way to Texas. Next year they’ll get to hang next to each other, until then they are tucked safely away with the rest of our Christmas decor.

And by “tucked safely away” I mean stacked on the table with everything else.

Here are the links to the different kits I purchased. They were all super-easy to put together and I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to try out this craft. Bonus: a lot of the Christmas themed kits are on sale right now!

Happy crafting!


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  1. Wow, all of these are gorgeous, I don’t have a favourite, I love them all! I’m so glad I found your blog, and I look forwards to keeping up with your posts xx

    • sweet sarah

      January 8, 2013 — 8:40 pm

      Thanks so much! I need to make more time to do crafts like this – not just because it’s Christmastime! Thank you for your comment :)

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