One of the women I work with is just had a baby girl! Babies are so exciting. She announced her pregnancy soon after I was hired, and back in March I remember thinking, “Whoa, I will know so much more about ┬áthis job in November.” And truthfully? In many ways I wanted to talk to November Sarah just to make sure that I would in fact survive. Time really does fly, and it’s an exciting thing to see how far you’ve come in just seven months time. And now Baby Chloe is here!


My supervisor (a good friend of the expectant mother) threw a Pinterest-worthy shower. It was very bright and very pink.



See that mobile… Yeah, so… I made that. I totally have to brag about this one, because WOW did it come together. It deserves its own post.


And, um, hello, but is this not the sweetest little girls room? I am in love with this furniture. And paint job. And everything.


Congrats to the new parents! Can’t wait to meet Baby Chloe in person in a few weeks!