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I made it & a HUGE thank you!


Super quick blog post… As soon as I can I will write more. Pinky swear! And you know that pinky swears are pretty much legally binding so… Yeah. Expect that soon!

Right now I have two things to say:

1. I totally made it to Greenville, NC with no problems! I am so happy to be back with Shelton, but I think Spuds is even happier, if that is possible.

2. I was featured on WordPress’ Freshly Pressed (check my Geek Out post under “Geekery & Entertainment”)! Omg, I have been blogging for years and have never felt something so satisfying and rewarding. If you are here because you are a brand new follower of S&S then I have one thing to say to you:

You are awesome and you rock and thank you!

Whew. Okay. Moving is hard work, and I am exhaustion city. I will stick to my pinky swear and post again very very soon :-)

Love from NC,

Sweet Sarah

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  1. Yeah & yippee as I am one of your new followers! Thanks and congrats for being freshly pressed too! I have been blogging for over two years and have never had the honor of being freshly pressed, but I am sure the feeling is awesome! I hope to become one of your favorite blog friends too! Love & hugs, Valerie from http://www.nikitaland.wordpress.com

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