If you are like me then you areĀ horrible at getting pictures printed. Why is something so simple like this so difficult to remember to do? In an effort to do better, I scoured mine and Shelton’s computers for fun pictures we have taken over the past year to decorate our new apartment with. I found so many great ones!

Last Thanksgiving, Shelton attended Walmart’s Black Friday event and along with buying a new fancy camera, he purchased this collage frame for dirt cheap (something like $5). Since there were 12 spaces for pictures, he had the sweet idea to choose a picture that represented each month as the year went on. We got really behind on it… but not anymore! I got us pretty much up-to-date (minus June and July – still working on those…) and also filled in the rest of the gaps.

I love seeing this collage hanging in our dining area, and it reminds me every day of how far we have come :)