My Latest Addiction

I don’t know how I made it to age 25 without ever eatingĀ real pomegranate, but I imagine it had something to do with growing up in BFE.


Lots of things don’t exist in BFE (or didn’t exist during my adolescent years… if I went to my hometown grocery store today I might be surprised), like kale, soy, coffee shops, gluten-free cupcake mixes, and weird fruits like the lovely pomegranate.

They are some what of a B to shell/hull/whatever you call it, but I almost find the process calming and the end result is worth the effort in my opinion.

And now here is a picture of Shelton enjoying a pomegranate gem ever so delicately:

I love that guy.

Happy Friday, y’all. Go buy some pomegranates. And if you made it out of BFE, well say a little prayer of thanks followed by a small pang of guilt.



  1. I love pomegranates!! They make great martinis!! :)

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