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Pecan Scones with Maple Vanilla Icing

So… guess what I did the other day?

I got all inspired and decided to make scones.

Shelton said – and I quote – “I don’t really like scones…”

Our conversation went like this:

Me: What kind of scones have you had?

Him: Uh…

Me: (interjecting) Scones from like a cafe?

Him: Yeah.

Me: Okay. I’m making real scones.

They were literally perfect.

Shelton now counts scones as one of his all time favorite foods.

{ — Recipe courtesy of my idol}

I encourage you to make a batch of scones from scratch.

Take your time – cut the butter into 1/4″ cubes like you’re supposed to.

Pretend you are in culinary school and that you are the star pupil.

Revel in your own pastry genius when you inspect the

perfect, golden bottoms of your scones.

It’s the little things in life, I swear. The little, sweet, scrumptious things.

Go ahead and indulge.

Save a few (can we say luxury breakfast on the go?) – take the rest to work.

Or class.

Or to a skinny friend.

Or… just keep them all to yourself.

I won’t tell.

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  1. i can’t even look at that omg so delicious.

  2. Oh my! How yummy!

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