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Scrapbooking: “Yo, April, What Up???”

You probably don’t know this about me, but I say “yo.” A lot. Probably too much. When I was laying out everything for the April layout, and reminiscing about all the AWESOME THINGS that happened in April I knew I had to throw a Yo in there. We did so much in April. Hiked in Raven Rock State Park, I was learning so much at my new job (ahem, still am), and we took a last minute weekend trip to Virginia Beach! April was a very, very good month indeed.

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About this layout — there were definitely more pictures to work with this month simply because more happened. I don’t know why, but somewhere between March and April Instagram really became a huge part of my life. I am deep into it now and use my iPhone constantly as a camera. I think I have almost 2,500 pictures on it? And I’ve only had it since last September. Yeah… so I like to capture everything, pretty much. But I love that I can get great pictures with my phone, and I upload them weekly to Shutterfly. I make orders frequently. It’s so cheap!

Also, this was the first layout where I got to use the Project Life Photo Pocket Pages! I felt like a pro.

memory keeping | sweetandsavorylife.com

April Happenings

* Drunk night out on the town (we drank something called Pixie Dust?)

* Raven Rock!

* Adventures in Virginia Beach ($2 mimosas… need I say more?)

memory keeping | sweetandsavorylife.com

Supplies Used

* Fragments from everyday life

Project Life Kraft Core Kit

* Project Life Photo Pocket Pages – Big Variety Pack 1

May will definitely be an interesting layout to put together, because so much changed for us that month! I think the awesome part about actively scrapbooking life is that you get to tell your story… which is always changing. I am ready to catch all the way up and scrapbook things as they are happening!

xo – Sarah

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  1. You seriously inspire me, wish I was crafty!

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