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S+S Wedding: Mood Boards!


If you follow me on Pinterest, then you already know that my wedding inspiration board, “i said yes,” is getting all kinds of action these days. But even though I am pinning just about everything that involves a mason jar and glitter, I thought it’d be a good idea for me to hone my vision a little bit… and share with you, of course! Shelton and I are in the throws of planning a beach wedding in Port Aransas, Texas, and while there are still some details to figure out, we are close to having everything done. And that is such a good feeling. Since this is not our first trip down the aisle (pun intended), we are approaching the whole planning process different. It’s much more laid back (though I don’t think it’s possible for me not have at least one freak out — I’ll save that story for another post). The beach is so special for us, and remains to be the one place we return to again and again… it only makes sense that we solidify our beach love with a beach wedding.


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I have known for a while that I wanted gold to be a main theme/color in our wedding. When Taylor Swift’s Red album came out, in the booklet included with the CD she talked about that the only love she has experienced could only be described as “red.” Full of passion, but also short-lived — burning out. (I am paraphrasing here.) She went on to describe that real love must shine like gold, and that maybe one day, when she had experienced that kind of love she would write an album about what that felt like. I know this is odd and fairly random, but that little thought stuck with me. The love I share with Shelton is a lifetime love — and it sparkles more and more every day. So, gold. And lots of it.


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I’d like the ceremony setup to be fairly simple with small romantic details, like the flow-y fabric shown on the archway. I guess if I had to specify an overall theme for this event, it would be… gypsy chic. I definitely want the reception decor to be fun and a little unexpected, with random things hanging from the ceiling and plenty of Christmas lights. Kitschy is good, very good. And there will be plenty of mason jars, because, duh. It’s 2014 and the mason jar trend is still in full swing and I am 100% okay with looking back at pictures 20 years from now and chuckling a little bit, hopefully thinking, “That was just so 2014.”


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Yup, I am really am taking the gold to a new level. It’s gonna be on my body, too. I am not exactly sure how, but I am gonna figure it out. For my day-of wedding style, I’d like to keep my hair/make up fresh and not too “done up.” I think these earrings are so simple and sweet. Etsy will definitely be getting a good chunk of my money when it comes to accessories. No surprise there.


beach wedding mood board | sweetandsavorylife.com

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And of course! DIYs for days. Once our ceremony/reception details are ironed out, I plan on combing through all the DIYs I’ve pinned to make a decision on just which ones we will attempt. There are so many things I know can be cut with the Silhouette, and others I can easily style myself, like banners, glittered letters, and definitely something using the rest of the antique brass keys I found from an estate sale forever ago. A good crafter never gets rid of anything, and my stash is very, very full.


October cannot get here fast enough! I am so excited that all of this is actually happening. Being with Shelton is like living in a fairy tale, and to know that we’ll officially be husband and wife this year is just an awesome realization. I hope to have much more wedding intel very soon. Like I said, we are figuring more and more out every day. Consider this wedding post the first of many!

-The Future Mrs. Alves

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  1. I’m so happy for you two!!!! It’ll be a GORGEOUS wedding for sure!

  2. How neat! That’s just a few months from now!! Congratulations!!!! =D I love weddings!

    Visiting from SITS

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