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A Visit From The Queen & Princess


My mom and sister visited last weekend! It was epic. For many, many reasons.

First of all, any time we’re all together, there is never ever really a plan but somehow we always have a kick-ass time.

pallet headboard | sweetandsavorylife.com

Secondly, Mom and Janie visiting meant that Shelton and I were forced to get our apartment whipped into shape! How do you like my make-shift pallet headboard? It was painfully easy to make. You just take two pallets… and prop them up against the wall. Set some pictures on top that you are too lazy to hang haven’t hung yet and wah-lah! All done.

My mom says that everyone should have the “Queen” come once a year. She’s right. It does wonders for your home.


We promptly went for drinks. Sup Crushes at Sup Dogs — our favorite Greenville haunt.


Rocked some blue hair. Got shitfaced tipsy. Had a conversation about Frasier and the importance it is to have a burger without interruptions. Don’t ask.

Moral of the story: Don’t drink and then talk nonsense with your eyes closed, because people that say they love you will record you and make you watch it the next day after you’ve sobered up.


As always, the trips are too short. But the family time was just so needed. I enjoy my mom and sister oh-so much. They’re my everything. And I’m ready for Christmas! I am so Texas homesick these days. Which I will have you know is worse than being regular homesick because Texas is a magical place.


Speaking of magical… Our last night was spent sipping wine at Maggiano’s, musing about a Vegas wedding (we’ll see!) and eating the most incredible tiramisu. I pretty much wanted to lather the cream all over my face. Too delicious. So worth it.

So, this is my little hello update for you. After Mom and Janie left work sucked Shelton and I in like a vortex (someone please tell me that working this hard will pay off one day…) and I’ve enjoyed being unplugged this week. The apartment is a mess, the air mattress has been set up in the living room for over a week now, and you know what? I’m fine with all of it. All of it.

Happy Weekend.


Cute Throw Pillow Applique DIY

You know how I made that String Art a few weeks ago to spruce up our bedroom? Well, I didn’t stop there.

For my second knitting project of the year, I decided that I wanted to knit a cover for a throw pillow. And since anchors are also a thing between Shelton and I, that seemed to be the obvious decoration choice. The great thing about this DIY is that it is totally customize-able to whatever you’re wanting – heck, you don’t even have to knit if you don’t want to!

I feel you warming up to me.

Cute Throw Pillow Applique DIY | sweetandsavorylife.com

For this project you’ll need: janky throw pillow from the clearance section, knitting supplies (yarn in your color of choice and needles – I used about 2 skeins of yarn to knit the front cover), felt, design stencil/vector image, embroidery floss or thread, needle, and scissors.

Not a knitter? Go to a thrift shop or dig in your closet and find an old sweater you never wear. As long as it’s big enough to cover the front of your janky throw pillow, then you’re solid. Or, don’t cover your pillow at all. Options, people. Options.

Cute Throw Pillow Applique DIY | sweetandsavorylife.com

Do you remember the days when you could purchase 2 cheap throw pillows from Walmart or Target for under $10? Those days are long gone, my friend. I searched high and low until I found this baby hiding on the clearance shelf at TJMaxx, which you know is a store where everything is already on sale. Definite win.

Cute Throw Pillow Applique DIY | sweetandsavorylife.com

A hole! It’s my lucky day. In the words of Mr. Burns, “Egggggggsssellent.”

Cute Throw Pillow Applique DIY | sweetandsavorylife.com

My finished knitted cover. I tried out circular needles for the first time and fell totally in love with them! Also, I didn’t account for how much the yarn would stretch, so the cover was a little wide. No big deal though – once it was secured with needle and thread it looked perfect. (From the front, but that’s the only side I care about. So there.)

Cute Throw Pillow Applique DIY | sweetandsavorylife.com

I love downloading vector images from the internet. You can literally find anything.* I actually altered this vector in Illustrator to have a heart at the top instead of a circle, but you can do the same by drawing/cutting your printout or stencil. Also – I wanted the anchor to fill the center of my pillow so I enlarged it a bit and printed it out on two sheets of paper.

*Download at your own risk, obvi.

Cute Throw Pillow Applique DIY | sweetandsavorylife.com

Cut out your design and then tape all the edges to the felt. Then you get to cut it out again!

Cute Throw Pillow Applique DIY | sweetandsavorylife.com

Now the really fun part: stitching. I safety pinned the anchor in a few places first to make sure it didn’t move. I love the simplicity of hand stitching and I used the “back stitch” to sew the applique. Check out this really great Back Stitch step-by-step tutorial by Wild Olive!

After your applique is sewn on, then just roughly sew the completed cover to the pillow. Don’t worry about making it perfect, no one will see the back of the pillow anyway.

Cute Throw Pillow Applique DIY | sweetandsavorylife.com

I think it helps tie the room together a little bit better! Same boat, an anchor… nautical without being nauseating.


Bonus picture! My nightstand. Pearls, a good book, stack of hair ties, jewelry box… I love being a girl.

What would you applique on your throw pillow?


Make Your Own String Art

After Shelton blew my socks off last week with my early Valentine’s Day gift, I was so excited to surprise him with a homemade piece of art straight from my heart. I’ve been looking for something to put over our bed, but nothing I found while perusing Etsy (or Pier One for that matter) seemed to fit us. When this happens, I know the only solution is to brainstorm a project and do it myself. Once the notion of string art entered my mind… the wheels started turning and well, here we are.

What does “same boat” mean? Glad you asked. Same boat is mine and Shelton’s personal relationship mantra. No matter where we are in life or what’s going on, we always say that we’re forever in the same boat. It’s a simple touchstone, but that’s all I need when the waters get rocky. Same boat means he’s right there with me, that we’re in it together no matter what “it” is.

So yeah. That’s why I couldn’t find what I wanted at Pier One. I needed it to be this personal.


Before creating your own string art, please read my notes at the end of this post.

You will need: a cork board (whatever size you like), acrylic paint, 11/16″ wire nails, and embroidery thread.

String Art DIY | sweetandsavorylife.com

Painting the cork is optional, but it reinforces the texture of the cork and also gives it a finished look.

String Art DIY | sweetandsavorylife.com

String Art DIY | sweetandsavorylife.com

String Art DIY | sweetandsavorylife.com

String Art DIY | sweetandsavorylife.com

String Art DIY | sweetandsavorylife.com

String Art DIY | sweetandsavorylife.com

String Art DIY | sweetandsavorylife.com

I highly recommend anchoring your letters. It makes moving it very easy if you need to and just keeps everything in line.

String Art DIY | sweetandsavorylife.com

I call this picture The Final Nail.

String Art DIY | sweetandsavorylife.com

String Art DIY | sweetandsavorylife.com

Time to start wrapping. I wish I could tell you there was a pattern to making it look awesome and crazy and random… but there isn’t. Once you double knot your thread on the first nail, just go to town with it. And even though this is a haphazard process… it is not a fast one. Prepare to spend the most time on the first letter and you will get faster as you go. When I was finished with one letter I always looped around each nail to give the letters a straight edge.

String Art DIY | sweetandsavorylife.com

Progress. Tying off a letter is a bit tricky. Basically, when you’re done looping around each nail, pull the thread towards you with tension (to keep the letter from unraveling) and…

String Art DIY | sweetandsavorylife.com

…while still holding the thread tight with your left hand, loop the end of the thread behind the nail you finished on and pull it through.

String Art DIY | sweetandsavorylife.com

Double knot and carefully snip away the ends.

String Art DIY | sweetandsavorylife.com

The finished product.

String Art DIY | sweetandsavorylife.com

I have a confession to make. This is the most moving project I have ever completed. Something about it really speaks to me – not just our same boat message – something more. It inspires me greatly, to the point where I want to make more. Lots more. I think most of us work hard to stay inside the lines and make a perfect life, but life is never perfect. It’s a tangled, wonderful, undeniable mess. And I’ve learned that through my relationship with Shelton. To really appreciate the messiness of life, because it’ll never be all-the-way clean.

Shelton really liked it, too. Okay, that’s a lie. He loved it.

String Art DIY | sweetandsavorylife.com

String Art DIY | sweetandsavorylife.com

It fits.


Project Notes & Sources of Inspiration:

  • Your message/design will determine just how much nails and thread you need, so think about that while shopping. I ended up buying extras of everything, which chalked up to three boxes of nails and three skeins of each thread color. I only used one and a half boxes of nails and one skein of thread per color. So, I could’ve saved a little bit of dough, but then again these are not what you call expensive supplies.
  • I referenced a couple other string art DIYs and they called for linoleum nails, but I couldn’t find any at Walmart. I settled on wire nails but wish that I would have chosen nails with bigger, wider heads. This would have helped the process for two reasons: 1) at times it was tricky keeping the thread secured under such a small nail head while wrapping it and 2) literally for days after I completed this project my pointer finger (the one I used to primarily pin the nails) hurt like it had been burned. Painful!
  • I will do another string art project in the future, but plan on adjusting the process. For instance, using another material over cork, different nails, a hammer, etc.
  • DIY String Art Tutorial by Honey & Fitz
  • String Art For A Beachy Room by Creative In Chicago

Monthly Photo Display Project

If you are like me then you are horrible at getting pictures printed. Why is something so simple like this so difficult to remember to do? In an effort to do better, I scoured mine and Shelton’s computers for fun pictures we have taken over the past year to decorate our new apartment with. I found so many great ones!

Last Thanksgiving, Shelton attended Walmart’s Black Friday event and along with buying a new fancy camera, he purchased this collage frame for dirt cheap (something like $5). Since there were 12 spaces for pictures, he had the sweet idea to choose a picture that represented each month as the year went on. We got really behind on it… but not anymore! I got us pretty much up-to-date (minus June and July – still working on those…) and also filled in the rest of the gaps.

I love seeing this collage hanging in our dining area, and it reminds me every day of how far we have come :)

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