The first edition of Swoonful has been delivered!

Good morning, all you lovely people out there! I type this little quickie post to you with a toothbrush in my mouth and no pants on, as I’m running behind for a meeting. I wanted to share my new pet project with you: Swoonful.

swoonful jan 13 copy

Swoonful is a monthly e-newsletter that showcases all kinds of wonderful things I’m head over heels for. Swoonful is meant to be short, sweet, and most importantly, shared. I hope you’ll check out the January edition, where I share all my must-haves for a road trip! Please let me know any feedback you may have (thank you in advance!) and feel free to pass along to a friend.


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XOXO, Sarah


  1. Love this idea Sarah – and I’ve signed up for the emails! Thanks for discovering me via SITS Girls :)

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