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The Proposal


So, picking up right where I left off in last month’s epic update, February 4th was shaping up to be your average Tuesday night. Well, as average as it could be with us in the midst of moving across country… We picked up food from Moe’s and settled in to watch some TV. Recently, I’ve become addicted to Alex & Ani bracelets, and had purchased two the previous weekend. They all have special meanings and I just love a trinket. As a surprise, Shelton got me one more to add to my collection, and he hid it in the utensil drawer. It was wrapped in black and white paper with an obnoxiously large pink bow.

When we got back to the apartment with the takeout from Moe’s, he told me to go get him a spoon for the queso. So, I did, but I didn’t see the gift in the drawer. I blame my severe hunger at the time. All I could think about was food! I gave him the spoon and sat down, proceeding to dress my salad. If he looked dumbfounded, I can’t remember. Then, I realized I didn’t have a fork, so I got up to get one. But… I still didn’t see the gift in the utensil drawer. As I walked back to the couch, he was laughing a little bit. “What?” I asked him. “Oh, nothing,” he replied. “You’re just funny.” Okay, I thought, and proceeded to plow through my salad.

A little bit later, he asks me to get him a new straw because his has a “hole” in it. I oblige, get him a straw from the same drawer, and still don’t see the gift. When I handed it to him, there was a sincere look of defeat on his face. “This isn’t the right straw,” he proclaimed. “This straw will work just fine,” I rebutted. He just laughed, and said, “Sarah, it’s the wrong straw. Go look again.”


Oh. I walked back into the kitchen, opened the drawer, and finally, I saw the big pink bow. I opened it up and immediately put the bracelet on my arm — now I had three! So exciting. In addition to the Path of Life and Feather charms, Shelton had given me the Because I Love You charm. It was so special. I immediately took a picture and posted it to Instagram (duh). We laughed at my cluelessness and Shelton told me that everything he did in life, he did it because he loved me, and he never wanted me to forget that. It was a sweet moment. He then grabbed my iPad and pulled up my Instagram. “Let’s look at all the pictures you’ve posted since we moved to North Carolina.” I was ecstatic, because there is really nothing more I love than revisiting our memories. As we scrolled through, we reminisced on all the good times we’d had. All the fun and silliness, the many beers we drank at Sup Dogs and our string of crazy nights with our NC friends. We talked about how amazing living in North Carolina had been, and how we’d always miss it. But that there were even better things ahead of us.

He stood up and said, “Let’s dance.” I feel like I need to interject and say that this evening is a what a normal evening at home is like for us. A little bit of food, a little bit of TV, but always a lot of love, a lot of sharing, and a lot of us appreciating one another. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for him to ask me to dance, because we do this at least once a week. He put on a sweet song and we swayed to the music in the living room. The Because I Love You charm signifies that the person you give it to has a piece of your soul. Shelton told me that I would always have a piece of his. There were more sweet things like this said. It was a beautiful moment. I felt so calm, so at ease, so happy. Then he pulled away from me and I felt confused. He got down on one knee, and pulled a little box out of his back pocket. More things were said, but I can’t remember them now. I cried like a baby. When I think back on it, I can just feel the outpouring of love between us, the connection there, and the sheer joy I felt. This was the moment. The most adorable part? He had opened the box upside down. I’ll never forget that mental image of him on one knee with the box in his hands and all the moving boxes half-way packed all around him. It was perfect. It was so us. I said yes, and he put the ring on my finger.


Then I hopped up and down in sheer excitement that we were really engaged. It was really happening. It is really happening — we’ll get married this year and I’ll become Sarah Alves and we will live happily ever after. In Texas.


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  1. Love it! What a very cute story and all the better that it was truly symbolized by everything that makes you 2 a couple, and not something generic anyone could have done!! Congratulations again!!!

  2. Such a sweet proposal! You will remember that and the feelings that came with those moments for the rest of your life! Congrats!

  3. Congratulations! such a sweet Story…
    Chris, (married 12.02.2010)

  4. Congrats Sarah!! Such a sweet story, can’t wait to see all your creative wedding ideas! :)

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