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i got the job

I have some exciting news: I got a new job! You are now looking at the new Marketing Specialist for Suddenlink. Pleased to meet you.

For a while now, Shelton and I have been working on getting new jobs (no easy feat – just read any of my posts from summer 2012) and after weeks of searching and interviewing, he was brought on by a nationwide property management company that has a couple complexes in Greenville as a Leasing Manager. It was so exciting (and nerve wracking) watching him go through the process of job searching. All the “what ifs” and “maybes” liked to kill me, but when he made the final decision to leave it just felt right. And then I knew I needed to do the same thing for myself.

Cue my freaking out. I haphazardly applied to a handful of positions I thought I was qualified for. Shelton and I spent two whole days going over my cover letter and resume with a fine-toothed comb. I cried only once (success). And then randomly… I got a phone call. From one of the jobs I’d haphazardly applied for.

Just a phone interview. No big deal. (Wrong.) The phone interview turned into an in-person interview two days later. I chalked this up to a good freaking sign.

The in-person interview went well and they even treated me to lunch afterwards. I heard from my references the same day that they had been called and were rooting for me. And then a couple days later I was sent a list of three test projects that I would need to complete to assess my skills. I was really excited about these – it felt kinda like a school assignment! Two of the projects I had to present to the team the following week.

Cue my freaking out. Again. This freak out session lasted about six days. I brainstormed and made outlines and researched and then spent an entire day putting the presentation together. Shelton listened to me give the same presentation three times, critiquing me each time. I started out pretty rocky, then got better with every run through. And then when it came time to present, all the information felt second nature as I shared my ideas with the team I hoped I’d be working with.

My pre-presentation permission slip a la Brene Brown

My pre-presentation permission slip a la Brene Brown

They seemed impressed. I was told that the last part of the interview process was meeting the VP and Director of the company – the two biggest movers and shakers.

Cue my freaking out. For the third time. This freak out session really just revolved around the fact that I had nothing to wear, and I don’t mean that in the way that most girls do when they say that. In this case I actually it was actually true, because I have two pairs of dress pants and I had already worn them both. I couldn’t do a repeat, I just couldn’t. I think guys will even understand this. So I bought some khakis and a colorful top from Express, wore my blue blazer and game face and hoped that this was it.


Celebratory Drinks at Carolina Ale House

And… it was. I got a call the same day with a job offer, and justlikethat I was on top of the world. It was a feeling of vindication that is very hard to describe, because in so many ways I feel like I have been working towards achieving this stage in life for a very long time.

Back in 2009, when I graduated from college, I immediately started working full-time at an advertising agency in Dallas and it was a tough experience for me (read: I learned a lot.) I ended up leaving after a year and then began working at UNT doing administrative work (and took a huge pay cut, but my sanity was worth more than a dollar). I wound up loving the role I played at UNT, and ultimately it defined my life in a huge way because this is how I met Shelton. Then I got promoted within the department we worked in, and as our relationship solidified, so did my need to push myself to get back out there to do bigger things. Then last July Shelton got his first job in North Carolina and it didn’t take me long to follow him out here. Literally a few days after I arrived in Greenville I began working with a small local advertising agency, and I worked very hard to get my chops back. (Another huge pay cut was taken, but again, it was worth it.) Shelton supported my decision from the beginning, and for the first time in years, since 2009, I felt like I was working towards something.

Now Shelton has a better job and so do I. And I have this really great feeling of pride and establishment that I’ve never had before. Individually and collectively, we’ve both worked so hard to get to where we are right this second. I think that’s huge.

As Bob Dylan sings, the times (truly) are a-changin’. Life is a-changin’. Everything about me is a-changin’. And it’s freaking awesome.

brave and scared | sweetandsavorylife.com

I start next week and I am very excited. I feel so ready to go on this adventure. Brene Brown says the great thing about being vulnerable is that it gives you permission to be brave and scared in the same moment. And I feel that way – both brave and scared, but it’s okay. I know I can handle this.

I know this post was a long one (telling a short story is not in my DNA), so thanks for hanging in there with me. And thanks for just hanging in there with me in general. It means a lot to this little blogger with big dreams.


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  1. Congratulations Sarah! I hope the new job is everything you dreamed of! xx

  2. Congratulations!!! I know you are going to be AMAZING at your new position. Suddenlink is lucky to have you. Way to go SARAH

  3. Way to go! Dream big and big things happen!

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