Wedding Madness: The Instagram Aftermath

Whew. You guys. It’s Tuesday and I feel like I have finally caught up on my sleep from this past weekend. As I shared last week, Shelton and I headed west to put ourselves smack dab in wedding central to watch my best girl get hitched. Did you know that Mondays after a wedding-filled weekend are increasingly harder to get through than run-of-the-mill Mondays? It’s true.

The wedding (and all the events leading up to Alex walking down the aisle) were perfect, and I’m not exaggerating. I’m so happy for Alex and Jeff and believe in their love with my whole heart. But enough of that mushy stuff! I’ll let the Instagrams speak for themselves.




tat chickhairsnacks

alex mirror

out the window

Needless to say, a lovely time was had by all. My calves still hurt from dancing and I’m still lusting after that wedding cake… and I am excited for whatever beautiful adventures the Universe has in store for myself as well as my friends.



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