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What I love about Greenville, NC

Today marks my three week anniversary in NC!

What a life-changing whirlwind my life has been since I decided to move out here on August 7. Now that I am here, I can’t imagine being back in TX (though there are things I miss). Shelton and I have had some time – in between his busy work schedule – to do some exploring around Greenville, and here is a short list of things that I just plain love about this place…

1. The city definitely lives up to it’s name – everything is so green and lovely. I grew up in the country, but have never experienced such lushness from trees, bushes, manicured lawns and flora in general.

2. SHEETZ! Oh my gah – when I ventured to West Virginia I noticed Sheetz being promoted on highway signs, but had NO idea what it was… turns out they have them in NC as well and they are the most bad ass gas stations I have ever had the privilege of walking into! Calling it a gas station almost seems like an insult. They make sandwiches and burgers fresh to order and you can completely customize your order on touch screens. Oh, and they sell gas, too.

3. The AAAARGH-friendly atmosphere! East Carolina University is situated in Greenville and – you guessed it – their mascot is Pee Dee the pirate! If I had the choice to be a pirate or a ninja for the rest of my life, you bet your swashbuckling booty that I would be a pirate. And by the looks of the town, so would everyone else. EVERYTHING is pirate-themed and I love it. It shows pride for the school and adds a playful nature to even the most mundane errands.

4. Uptown District – Greenville’s downtown area is so picturesque and cute, like out of a movie. Trees like the streets, and unlike Denton where everything surrounds the Square, there are lots of side streets where hidden treasures are just waiting to be discovered! (See what I did there?)

5. All the rain, and the weather in general. In Texas you are either blessed with a summer shower or are subjected to weeks upon weeks of rain. The former only happens maybe once a summer, and the latter is just plain scary. There is no middle ground and in the mean time everything seems to suffer due to the lack of moisture. Not in Greenville Рit rains off and on, constantly. I am still getting used to it, but it is a nice break from the unwavering Texas heat.

6. Bojangles ain’t just a little mouse on The Green Mile – it’s a rampant, yet delicious, fast food chain in North Carolina. Best chicken strips ever! And I have eaten a lot of chicken strips. This makes me an expert, so I know a good strip when I bite into one…

7. All the things we haven’t discovered yet! Greenville is such a great place – and we are still super new and have many new places to go, people to meet and adventures to embark upon! There will definitely be a “part two” to this post… and hopefully many more after that.

Check out more pictures in the slideshow!

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  1. Wow, looks like a beautiful place! I absolutely love Maine, but I would be tempted to go further south along the coast!

  2. Yes, but can you marry your gay lover there?

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