WHOA. WTF just happened?

I got a new camera.

Sh*t. Just. Got. REAL.

I was just cooking dinner – nothing weird about that – when Shelton walks in and says, “Turn off the stove.”

But why, I thought? Then faster, Sarah don’t ask questions.

And then three beautiful words fell out of Shelton’s mouth… “Close your eyes.”

So, I did.

When I opened them this is what I saw: a brand new, completely legit, Nikon D5100.

{ Happy early birthday to me. }

I have a real camera, ladies and gentlemen.

And I just had to share with you, because it’s about to get real photography-happy up in here!

Obviously, I have no idea how to use this thing, but I assume it’ll make me coffee in the morning?

Do you have any guidance for me? Tips? Anything?

Please share your knowledge with me!

Your shutterbug,


  1. How very sweet! What are we going to do with that Shelton?

  2. you will love it, it is very user friendly :) ( I have one )

  3. The added features is amazing! I am a newbie wanna-be photographer :) what I did is browse tutorials on you tube, and learn apperture first and still excited to learn more…i dig pinterest too.


  1. [...] been shooting with my Nikon D5100 for a few months now, and it’s drastically changed not only the way I capture memories but [...]

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